City of Glen Eira Awards 21-1-11

On January 21 it was my great pleasure to attend the City of Glen Eira Awards Breakfast where the city’s Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and the Community Group of the Year were honoured.

I have always considered community spirit and community work to be the basis of a strong society and it was fantastic to spend time with Abram Goldberg who has been an inspiration to our community through his work at the Jewish Holocaust Centre, educating so many on the horrors of the second world war, some that he himself witnessed while living in a Polish Ghetto.

His dedication and tireless efforts to fight injustice and ant-Semitism make him an extremely worthwhile winner of this award.

Lawrence Hinrichs is a worthy winner of the Young Citizen of the Year Award for his commitment to helping others and contributing to his local community. Lawrence served as school captain of Glen Eira College in 2010 as well as being involved in a simply amazing number of extracurricular activities both at school and in wider society.

Also honoured was GriefLine, a wonderful community organisation that has provided support and encouragement to people facing loss.  Organisations such as this help form the basis of our compassionate society and are there for people who need it most. This is a vital service and is most deserving of being named Glen Eira Community Group of the Year.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time at this event and to meet such great and active local citizens.

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