Mirabel Foundation Christmas Gift from the Coalition

Over the Christmas break the Coalition Government continued its longstanding commitment to the Mirabel Foundation’s Christmas Gift Drive with the fourth annual Christmas Gift from the Coalition on 22 December.
Members of the Victorian Parliamentary Coalition have for four years contributed gifts for children who are involved with the Mirabel Foundation.

During Christmas families across Victoria gather together and share gifts and spend time with each other. For some young people this is sadly not the case and the work of community organisations like the Mirabel Foundation all year round provides a valuable community service in supporting these kids and their extended families.

This event was held in Caulfield Park, just up the road from my office with The Hon Mary Wooldridge MP, Minister for Community Services. The kids and staff from Mirabel had a great time at the park and had lunch and then we distributed the gifts donated by Members of Parliament.

The Mirabel foundation provides support and compassion to kids who, for a variety of family reasons, need it most. The Coalition’s Christmas Gift program is a great way for Members of Parliament to get involved and to support their work.

David with Jane Rowe, CEO of Mirabel and Mary Wooldridge MP, Minister for Community Services

It was great to spend time with the kids as well as to talk with Jane Rowe, CEO of the Mirabel Foundation and her team. In addition to the great work at the Christmas Gift event Jane explained to me that ‘For several years Ted Baillieu has made informal visits to the Mirabel office, delighting countless Mirabel children with Christmas gifts from his staff and office.’

It is great to know that we were making a difference.

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