David Delivers Maiden Speech

David spoke in Parliament for the first time on 8 February 2011. He used his first speech as an opportunity to highlight some of the notable demographic and geographic characteristics of Caulfield, and some of the issues it faces.

In the speech, David made clear his intention to fight for the interests of Caulfield, saying “I thank the people of Caulfield for their trust and assure them that as long as I am the member for Caulfield I will fight for them and honour that trust”.

Speaking after the first sitting week of Parliament, David said that he wanted to highlight the lack of space available for use particularly because of Glen Eira Council’s upcoming consideration of the controversial C60 Development. C60 is a planning proposal that would allow massive development on land adjacent to the racecourse. David said that he was strongly committed to increasing recreational activity at the racecourse.

During the election campaign David highlighted the issue of crime & safety and is keen to initiate some proactive programs around youth in Glen Eira.

I have met with Caulfield Police, Council and community organisations to start planning a Caulfield Youth Leadership Program to help provide opportunities for our young people to get involved in programs that will provide challenges and teach them about community responsibility.

Two months in to my term in Parliament I am excited at the projects and policies I am involved in and the opportunities I have had to fight for my electorate. With the passage of my inaugural speech I look forward to speaking regularly to the Parliament on issues affecting Caulfield and to advocate for what is best for our community.

The full text of Davids speech has been filed under About David.

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