David helps out during World's Greatest Shave

On Friday 11 March, David played hairdresser for the day and took part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ appeal. David shaved the head of Caulfield Primary School student Jesse Glover to help raise money in the fight against blood cancer.


David was tremendously proud to be able to help raise awareness for this important cause. Blood cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer, killing one Australian every 2 hours. Every year, 10,000 Australians including over 2700 Victorians are diagnosed with blood disorders such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Blood cancer not only affects the lives of the over 40,000 Australians currently suffering from the disease, but is also devastating for family members, friends and the entire community.


The Leukaemia Foundation helps raise money to fund cutting-edge research into the causes, treatments and cures for blood cancer as well as providing free patient support services for patients and families. Just $40 can help pay for the laboratory costs of an entire day of research into finding a cure for this horrendous disease.


The campaign was successfully run this year between 10 & 12 March. Participants volunteered to shave or colour their hair, wear a wig or even wax their legs. Well done to everyone who raised money for this important cause!

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