Walk Safely to School Day

On Friday 20 May David participated in the annual ‘Walk Safely to School Day’ along with students from St Aloysius Primary School.


David met with Year Six student leaders and other participating students and together the group walked from the Caulfield Park War Memorial to the school before David addressed the students at an assembly.


‘Walk Safely to School Day’ is an annual event in which parents or carers are asked to walk their primary school aged children all or part of the way to school. In an era of increasing childhood obesity and diabetes, the event aims to encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle for today’s kids. Guidelines state that children need a minimum of 60 minutes exercise each day.


The day also helps promote the need to reduce hazardous congestion in and around schools and highlights the environmental benefits of a less car-dependent lifestyle. Many schools also celebrate the event with a healthy breakfast held at school to further emphasise the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle to today’s youth and their parents.


At the assembly David spoke to the students about the positive effects of walking safely to school for both their own health and wellbeing and the environment. “It was fantastic to see so many students really take the message of the day to heart and I hope that they and their parents will continue to walk, instead of drive, to school on regular schooldays,” said David.

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