Bialik College Rising Star (23/03/12)

On Wednesday 21 March David served as one of the judges of Bialik College’s ‘Rising Star’ competition.


The competition, in the vein of Australian Idol, allowed students of all ages to show off their singing and musical talents. Prizes were awarded for best performers in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior age-groups with the overall winner earning the title of ‘Bialik Rising Star’.


David acted as co-judge with Rita Satch, a former student at the College and rising star herself who is currently gaining popularity as an up and coming artist in the Melbourne jazz scene.


“This was a really great competition and I loved being part of the judging panel and witnessing some exceptionally talented young individuals,” David said. “I would like to congratulate all the teachers and students, both contestants and crew, who participated and in the night. They should all be tremendously proud of their involvement.”

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