Caulfield Racecourse: public access

Mr SOUTHWICK (Caulfield) — I address my adjournment matter to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change. The minister would be aware that last week an agreement was reached between the Melbourne Racing Club and the City of Glen Eira that will provide more public use of the centre of Caulfield Racecourse. My electorate of Caulfield is aware of my efforts to provide more open space in the electorate. As I have said on numerous occasions, the city of Glen Eira has the lowest amount of open space of any municipality, and my constituents are naturally interested in maximising the open space available. Caulfield Racecourse is part of Crown land that is considered open space, but it has had little promotion and few facilities are available to the public. Caulfield is a great racecourse that is world renowned, but outside of race days it remains empty and underutilised.


The agreement that I was part of facilitating between the Melbourne Racing Club and the City of Glen Eira means that the Melbourne Racing Club will provide $1.8 million to upgrade the park. The new park within Caulfield Racecourse will be open outside of race days on some 352 days of the year. It will have five precincts, including a picnic area by the lake, a large dog-off-leash area, walking and jogging paths, areas for fishing and a junior soccer pitch. All of these will exist inside the racecourse. I am extremely happy with what has been achieved for Caulfield by improving access to the centre of the racetrack and the creation of a wonderful new resource will be greatly appreciated by my constituents.


The next part of the puzzle for my constituents is the land adjacent to the racecourse known as the Booran Road reserve. This was part of a land swap by the previous government. It is now Crown land and has the potential to be a great sporting precinct.


I call on the minister to visit this area and meet with community representatives to investigate how this land can be best utilised to provide a great community resource for local residents.


This is a great story for Caulfield: it means that for the first time the Caulfield Racecourse will be not only be a racecourse but also a park. It will provide an amenity not just for the people of Caulfield to be able to share and enjoy but for the people of Victoria as well. I am very proud to have been involved in discussions to ensure that this will happen. I thank the City of Glen Eira for its negotiations and its fine work, and I also thank the Melbourne Racing Club for coming together on this very important agreement. I look forward to the minister visiting Caulfield to look at what we have been able to achieve and to take up the challenge of the next part of the puzzle in delivering the Booran Road reserve.

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