Masada Private Hospital Mother Baby Unit Open Day

On Friday 5 May, David Southwick joined in the celebration at the Masada Private Hospital Mother Baby Unit Open Day. The newly upgraded Mother Baby Unit offers help and support to families following the birth of a child and is at the forefront of Mother Baby services in the country. It was a delightful occasion as members of the community—doctors and administrators, parents and children—gathered to welcome this new achievement for post-natal care.

After extensive renovation and improvement, the Masada Mother Baby Unit can now house double its original capacity in hotel standard accommodation. The Unit boasts 20 luxury private suites, 20 infant settling rooms, and a host of therapeutic services to address the immense physical, emotional, and social changes associated with having a new child. The Mother Baby Unit provides specialised care for conditions ranging from infant distress to postnatal depression and helps foster coping skills whilst nurturing the relationships between parents and their children. It is certainly a huge asset for the Caulfield community.

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