Budget Allocation for Balaclava Station Upgrade

After years of neglect and broken promises by the previous government, the Coalition budget provides a significant boost to Victoria’s transportation system.


The budget announced by the Treasurer provides $601 million to fund key road projects aimed at upgrading our road network to enable it to cope with population growth. Additionally, the Coalition will invest $484 million in a massive renewal of Victoria’s public transportation system, addressing some of the many issues that have been ignored and mismanaged in the past.


David is especially pleased by the commitment of $11.9 million for upgrading Balaclava Railway Station to Premium Status. This investment will allow for a total renewal of the station in accordance with current regulations and following broad consultation with community leaders and stakeholders, benefiting the thousands of commuters who use the station every day.


The budget additionally provides up to $17 million for the elimination of level crossings across metropolitan Melbourne, including the level crossing at Ormond Railway Station. “The Baillieu Government is starting from scratch to plan, design, consult and then remove this level crossing to ease congestion and the frustration to drivers that it causes,” David said.

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