Lunch with Old's and Bolds Volunteers

On Friday May 13, as part of National Volunteer Week, David hosted a lunch at Parliament House for members of the Lord Somers Camp ‘Old’s and Bolds’ volunteer group.


National Volunteer week was held this year from 9-15 May and recognised the contribution and tremendous dedication of volunteers across Australia. Over 5 million Australians participate in volunteer work annually in many varied fields, including sporting clubs, schools, personal care, religious organisations, food services and many more. This year, the theme of the week was ‘Inspiring the Volunteer in You’, aiming at encouraging others to become involved with volunteer organisations in their local communities.


Lord Somers Camp is a volunteer-run and staffed organisation that operates numerous camps and other programs aimed at engaging with young people and fostering leadership and active participation. These include the annual ‘Big Camps’, which bring together youth aged between 16-18 from varying backgrounds and challenge them to overcome societal barriers through developing greater tolerance, team work, self confidence and leadership and life skills.


Other camps run by the group include ‘Camp Diversity’, which is attended by young people living with physical and intellectual challenges, and the ‘Mirabel Family Camp’, which provides support for children and families affected by illicit drug use in a partnership with the Mirabel Foundation.

The members of the ‘Old’s and Bolds’ group have all been volunteering with Lord Somers Camp for many years. Many have also participated in the Power House Sporting Club, which is associated with the organisation. The members include a number of prominent Victorians from varied walks of life united by their commitment to assisting their community and working with vulnerable youth.

David was incredibly impressed and inspired by the dedication and community spirit of the group, which shared by the thousands of other volunteer organisations and their members across the state and the nation who work tirelessly every day for the benefit of others.

“I have always been a strong supporter of volunteer programs and a keen participant in a number of them myself. I consider the work of volunteers invaluable to building a strong and vibrant community”.

For more information of resources for National Volunteer Week visit www.nationalvolunteerweek.com.au of call Volunteering Victoria on (03) 8327 8500.

For more information on Lord Somers Camp visit www.lordsomerscamp.org.au

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