Big Equity Challenge: conference on Gifted and Talented Education (11/05/12)

In his capacity as Chair of the Parliament’s Education and Training Committee David delivered an address at the Big Equity Conference at the MCG on 9 May.
This unique conference brings together leading researchers and practitioners in the fields of inclusive, disability, special and gifted education to share their expertise and knowledge on creating quality educational outcomes for all students. The purpose of the conference is to bridge the current research-practice gap and nurture collegial and educational dialogue on the most effective ways of catering for the diversity of students.

David spoke about the Committee’s inquiry in to the area of gifted and talented education, explaining the history of the inquiry including the terms of reference and the types of hearings held.
He also gave a summary of the themes that have emerged from the evidence presented and the ideas that were guiding the committee’s thinking as it progressed towards its final report.

Conferences such as Big Equity, hosted by the Centre for Strategic Education, are so important in advancing ideas and policies in education. It was a great pleasure for David to attend this conference and engage in this ongoing debate.

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