Local students gain valuable work experience (03/07/12)

In the past fortnight David Southwick has hosted students from De La Salle College Malvern and Beth Rivkah Ladies College in St Kilda East for work experience as part of their year 10 studies.Work experience short term placement of secondary school students with employers, to provide insights into the industry, and the workplace in which they are located. Students approach workplaces in the industries they are interested in to learn more about the work that they do.

James Halliday, a student at De La Salle College, accompanied David in to Parliament House during a recent sitting week and put together research on a piece of legislation while it was being debated by the Legislative Assembly as well as assisting in administrative tasks.

James also assisted the team at David’s office in database management including data entry and digitising archived correspondence.

Last week Chaya Herszberg of Beth Rivkah Ladies College joined the office team. Chaya accompanied David on a number of visits to community groups and industry stakeholders, including Swinburne University. She also assisted the office staff in office administration, sorting and filing a large number of surveys received from constituents.

Chaya also put together detailed information on state government programs in the area of small business and assisted in putting together data for an electorate publication.

Reflecting on her time at David’s office, Chaya said:

“To step into an office with experienced adults can be daunting, yet experience is what helps us develop and broaden our horizons. Working in a politician’s office, MP David Southwick, taught me what it’s like to be involved in politics and the many aspects the job entails. Every day was a new experience in which I was able to practice hands on what’s involved in this occupation. I was able to explore many features of politics- from research work to several meetings and events, from looking over surveys to discovering the ideas of other politicians- every project taught me something new and exciting. I was able to discover what is involved in make a political decision and how to solve potential government issues. My experience at David Southwick’s office was an enlightening and enjoyable one.”

To learn more about work experience programs visit http://www.education.vic.gov.au/sensecyouth/careertrans/worklearn/workexperience.htm


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