Minister for Education tours the Jewish Holocaust Centre (23/08/12)

David hosted the Minister for Education, Martin Dixon, on a tour of the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick this afternoon. The Minister came at David’s invitation and is his second visit to the Centre. The Centre hosts more than 21 000 students a year.


The Minister had a tour of the exhibits and met with some of the survivor guides. He then joined a large group of Melbourne Girls’ College students as they experienced a seminar on the lead up to the Holocaust which featured a debate on the issues of race and hatred.


This was followed by hearing the story of a survivor, who spoke of being a young child in Slovakia as the Nazi regime gained pace throughout the region. He spoke of having friends of all faiths who got along ‘on the weekends he went to church, and I went to synagogue’ and watching as the hate and propaganda of the era took hold.


The Minister and David then joined members of the Centre’s board for lunch and they discussed the pedagogical aims of the exhibits and the value they have in existing and future curricula under the incoming national model. The Minister expressed his admiration of the Centre and its aims and congratulated them on their work.

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