Public services: funding

Mr SOUTHWICK (Caulfield) — What a shameful matter of public importance contribution from the member for Monbulk. He is a former minister who was responsible for waste and mismanagement, and who left us with a financial mess. He sold the Victorian public a basket of lemons, and we have been left to fix up the mess. That is what we are doing: we are fixing up the mess.

You can see by all of the mess that we have been left in that we are here to fix it up and ensure that we are delivering for Victorians.

The TAFE refocus is all about doing that. We need a demand-driven system that will provide jobs at the end, and that is what we are about — outcomes, jobs and performance — not the waste and mismanagement that was left to us by the former government. Universities like Victoria University, Swinburne and Ballarat understand that. They are refocusing their TAFEs, looking at a demand system, and that is what we need to do. The refocus is giving TAFEs the opportunity to refocus their businesses and ensure that they do have a demand system in place and jobs for people at the end of it.

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