School Crossing Supervisor Scheme gets a Boost in Glen Eira

David joined the Minister for Roads, Terry Mulder, to announce there will be two extra school crossing supervisor subsidies funded in Glen Eira for 2013-14.

Mr Mulder revealed the increased allocation, while unveiling details of the School Crossing Supervisor Subsidy Scheme, which has funding of $10.462 million next financial year, up from $9.7 million in 2012-13.

“The Glen Eira City Council has been allocated funding for an additional two supervisor subsidies on top of last year, providing for 67 supervisor subsidies.”

“This is a total funding increase of $14,000 in Glen Eira alone.”

Mr Mulder said the Victorian Government is providing an additional $762,000 to the School Crossing Supervisor Subsidy Scheme to keep vulnerable young road users safe.

“The $762,000 funding boost will provide an additional 146 subsidies for school crossing supervisors,” Mr Mulder said.

“This not only ensures that the existing 2,797 supervisor subsidies allocated last year are secured, but also provides for additional locations to receive the funding, including Glen Eira.”

Mr Mulder said to apply for the subsidy, councils are required to review the eligibility of all crossings each year in line with the guidelines and submit an application to VicRoads.

“Our priority is keeping Victorians safe. The guidelines ensure that the state’s road safety resources are being directed to the highest risk sites, where they are most needed,” Mr Mulder said.

“All subsidies that meet the eligibility criteria are funded, including arterial and local roads.”

“The subsidy is provided as a bulk allocation and councils determine the number of supervisors to allocate and the locations.”

“The councils know the needs of the local community best, so they are not restricted to the allocations and may appoint a supervisor at any time, on a voluntary or paid basis, provided the person is properly trained.”

Since 2002, no child has died at a flagged school crossings (based on pedestrians aged 0-17 at flagged school crossings 8-00 to 9-30am and 2-30 to 4-00pm Monday to Friday).

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