Martin Dixon, Education Minister and former St Aloysius principal, returns to former schoool

David joined Martin Dixon, Minister for Education and former St Aloysius principal, on the Minister’s recent return to his former schoool. The visit recived signifigant local attention, featuring last week on the frontpage of the Caulfield Glen Eira Leader.

Minister returns to old school

Caulfield Glen Eira Leader, Melbourne
19 Mar 2013, by Andrea Kellett

“A SMALL Catholic primary school in Caulfield has been buoyed by a blast from the past – a visit from former principal, State Education Minister Martin Dixon. Following a tumultuous time for his Coalition Government, the unscathed Mr Dixon, who retained his ministry during last week’s leadership change, was all smiles as he returned to St Aloysius Primary School.

‘‘Oh the peppercorn tree. . . it’s still there!’’ he said on March 13 as he made his first official visit in 30 years. Mr Dixon was principal at St Aloysius from 1980-83. He reminisced on life as a teacher in the ’80s and the intimate feel of the small school, which still has just five classes.

New principal Therese Stewart said the school was abuzz with the minister’s visit. She shared her plan to increase enrolments from 87 with Mr Dixon. ‘‘My personal goal is to build our enrolments and that takes time,’’ Ms

Stewart said. Mr Dixon visited every classroom with Caulfield MP David Southwick. St Aloysius Primary is in Cromwell St, Caulfield. Phone 9532 9416 or visit sacaulfield.catholic.edu.au.”

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