David highlights unsung community hero

Earlier this week David Southwick presented the inaugural Caulfield District Victoria Volunteer Award to Bette Schmideg, a long-standing volunteer with The National Council Jewish Women of Australia (NCJWA) Victoria. These awards acknowledge the many unsung heroes of the Caulfield community, who work tirelessly for a multitude of organisations. “Volunteers are a vital part of all community groups, doing the hard yards to fund raise, run events and support their activities. These awards are a great way to recognize the men and women who support groups like the NCJWA,” David said. “Bette Schmideg is a tireless volunteer for the NCJWA and for many years has shown a determination to roll up her sleeves and contribute.” Bette Schmideg, a volunteer who does not outwardly seek praise or public recognition for her commitment to NCJWA (Vic); has undertaken countless tasks with absolute focus, and unwavering dedication.  Bette is entirely deserving of the Caulfield District Victoria Volunteer Award.

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