David Southwick Speaks for Segways to be trialled in Port Phillip

Member for Caulfield David Southwick MP spoke in Parliament last week about the ban on the use of Segways in Victoria and he has requested that Segways be allowed to be trialled in the area of Port Phillip.

Segways are powered, two-wheeled vehicles designed to operate on-road and are currently covered by motorcycle legislation. However, they do not meet the design standards for motorcycles and can easily be used on roads and footpaths. Segways are already used around the world in places like Europe, America and Asia and they are a great way to get around and being electrically driven they are also environmentally friendly.

David believes they could be used in Victoria to promote ecotourism, particularly in the area of Port Phillip with the St Kilda foreshore a perfect place to trial the effectiveness of Segways.

“This is a great opportunity for us in Victoria to introduce the use of Segways, in particular it would be good for tourism and I hope the Minister for Roads allows the trial use of Segways in my electorate,” David said.

“I would also be happy to accompany the Minister for Roads in getting on one of these vehicles as it would be a great opportunity for him to promote tourism and activity in the community as well,” he added.

David is currently speaking with Port Phillip City Council about the trial use of Segways in the electorate.


Image: David Southwick MP travelling on a Segway

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