ADJOURNMENT City of Glen Eira Crown land

Mr SOUTHWICK (Caulfield) — I rise tonight to raise a matter for the Minister for Environment and Climate Change in regard to Crown land located near the intersection of Glen Eira, Booran and Kambrook roads in Caulfield. I ask the minister to open up the land for expressions of public interest. The matter I raise is in regard to the land referred to as Crown allotment 2031 or Booran reserve. It was offered to the City of Glen Eira after a land swap with Melbourne Racing Club proposed by the previous government in 2009–10. Since the land swap, the land has been left dormant, and recently the council advised that the development of the land for open space will not be supported under its new open space strategy.

The piece of land is effectively the doorway into the racecourse. The City of Glen Eira has been advocating for more open and active space and more participation, but this land has now been dormant for some years. It is a missed opportunity. I note that Glen Eira City Council has said it was not consulted by the Labor Party when the swap was suggested, but now that the land is Crown land I hope a suitable use will be found for this very important piece of land, which is, as I said, a doorway into the racing club.

Many people in the council, particularly Cr Jim Magee, have advocated many times for open and more active space around the Crown land and the racecourse. I would have thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do so. With the council not being willing to take up this space and not being able to be the committee of management to activate the space, I ask that the minister consult with community members, sporting clubs and other organisations in the community to see who would be interested in taking up this vital and important piece of land.

Taking up this action would be a really good opportunity. Not only would it open up the opportunity for sport and other activities within that place — a parkway or whatever — but ultimately it would be the link to any further activity that would take place within the racecourse itself. It is a valuable piece of land, and this is a great opportunity to utilise this land that has been left idle for a long time now. It is important that we get on with doing something with this land so we can give the constituency of Glen Eira an opportunity, particularly the many sporting clubs that are screaming out for more space. I ask that the minister open up this matter for public consultation and expressions of interest from the public so that those in the community have the opportunity to apply their best thinking to how this land can be best utilised for the community and best service the city of Glen Eira.


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