Community tackles drug pandemic in ‘Breaking the Ice’ Forum

On May 12 2014, an open forum on ‘Ice’ was held at St Kilda Town Hall. The public event was organised by David Southwick MP, the City of Port Phillip and St Kilda PCYC. The Q & A panel featured Victoria Police, a former user of ice from SHARC, a local social worker from ISCHS and Mr Southwick, the Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Services.

Ice is a dangerous addictive drug often leading to brain and mental health issues which results in violent or anti-social behaviour. Ice use affects not only the user, but their friends, families, and the community.

The forum dealt with questions on the impacts of ice, and provided the community the opportunity to voice their concerns and suggest how best to tackle the problem. Those present expressed increasing apprehension for the devastation of the drug in society.

Member for Caulfield David Southwick, a member of the Parliamentary Committee inquiring into the usage of Ice in Victoria expressed his concern over the lethal drug.

“The forum created an important discussion between all stakeholders who face the pandemic of ice use.” Mr Southwick said.

“Ice use affects not only the user, but their friends, families, and the community; which is why all tiers of government must work together to address the problem.”

In response to this serious issue, the Victorian Coalition Government will invest $34 million to address harms of ice and other drugs in the community, by expanding treatment services throughout Victoria.

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