Health Services Union

Victorians are growing tired of the endless revelations of inappropriate conduct by disgraced union officials who spend the money of ordinary, hardworking Victorians on themselves and their Labor mates. This is particularly the case with Kathy Jackson and the Health Services Union. An Age article of 29 April described how the member for Kororoit accepted a $5000 donation from Kathy Jackson’s national health development account slush fund as payment to attend a Labor fundraiser. Cynically Jackson recorded this payment to the member for Kororoit as a payment to charity, undoubtedly in the hope of it avoiding scrutiny.

This donation raises many questions. Why has the Leader of the Opposition been silent on the issue despite it being raised numerous times in many public forums, including the royal commission into trade union corruption? How many Labor MPs in this Parliament have accepted money from Kathy Jackson’s slush fund or any other slush fund created by syphoning off hardworking union members’ funds? What has the Leader of the Opposition done to ensure other Labor MPs have not benefited from Kathy Jackson’s grubby slush fund? There are more questions than answers. Under the Leader of the Opposition, it is Labor’s mates first and Victorians second. There is no doubt that the Leader of the Opposition and Labor are risks for Victoria.

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