Glen Huntly Village Healthy Heart Week

Glen Huntly’s cafes, restaurants and health providers (Glen Huntly Village) are teaming up to run a local campaign addressing heart disease as part of National Heart Week 2015 (5th – 9th May). These participating shops, who are the heart and soul of the Glen Huntly shopping strip are running a series of activities and initiatives that aim to bring the discussion of healthy living and healthy heart into the local community.

Heart disease is one of the biggest national health problems with around 56,000 Australians suffering heart attacks each year. While genetics do play a part in an individual’s risk of developing heart disease, preventative factors are a huge contributor, such as food choices, exercise habits and smoking. Glen Huntly Village are focusing on these preventative factors and encouraging lifestyle changes.

Local cafes Whyte Cafe, St Zitas, The Servery and local catering company Simply Sensational have created a series of heart-friendly, tasty menu items that they will launch in Heart Week. These menu items have been reviewed by local dieticians. In addition to healthy food choices, Community Pharmacy and JBA Physio will be offering free heart health checks throughout the week. The Glen Huntly Village will also be launching the ‘Heart Game’, a fun, interactive and educational heart themed board game which will be featured on tables in participating cafes.
National Heart Week is running between the 3rd – 9th May 2015.

Glen Huntly Village participants include cafes Whyte Cafe, St Zitas, Quality Café, Servery, caterer Simply Sensational, health providers JBA Physio, Community Pharmacy, Glen Huntly Medical Centre and Your Health Place, and community supporter Woodards Carnegie.

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/healthyheartglenhuntly

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