Glen Eira College

SOUTHWICK (Caulfield) — The budget handed down by the Victorian Treasurer today delivers absolutely nothing for my electorate of Caulfield. We had a bipartisan commitment of $9.5 million to rebuild Glen Eira College. In this budget we have seen $950 000 — a zero left off — for the people of Glen Eira. This is a real let-down for the electorate. This is a budget that claims to deliver for families and on education, but it does nothing for my electorate.

I remind members of the Labor Party and the government that they went to my electorate and a front-page article was published with the principal, Sheereen Kindler, talking up the fact that they were going to deliver $9.5 million to this school. They have now short-changed the school and are delivering nothing more than a front door. It is an absolute disgrace. It is a disgrace for families, for parents and also for the Caulfield Glen Eira Leader, the local newspaper, which ran a campaign to ensure that funding would be delivered to the school. We have one secondary school in the electorate of Caulfield and the people and families of Caulfield have been let down by the Labor government. This is a disgrace. This was an opportunity to make good on an election commitment and the Labor Party has failed miserably when it comes to families, education and my constituents in Caulfield.

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