Adjournment: Caulfield electorate schools road safety

Mr SOUTHWICK (Caulfield) — (13 043) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is that the minister provide funding to improve safety at pedestrian crossings around schools in my electorate. I have raised this a number of times with the minister, and I do acknowledge that a number of VicRoads studies and reports have been done, but these schools desperately need funding to ensure that the children are safe around the schools they come to and from.

I acknowledge the work that Ruth Gordon has been doing at Glen Eira College. I mentioned that this morning when presenting some petitions to the house. They desperately require a 40-kilometre zone running during school hours and an active electronic display to show the limit so drivers can see it when they are coming to and from the school. There have been a number of near misses at the school, so this is desperately required.

The Shelford Girls Grammar pedestrian crossing I raise again. They are in desperate need of electronic speed signs and pedestrian-activated mounted lights as ways their children can be kept safe. This is something that the school council and the principal have taken up. The pedestrian crossing would be around Hood Crescent. We desperately need some action there.

Again Caulfield Grammar School, which the member for Sandringham attended, is desperately in need of some pedestrian lights. They have tried to get pedestrian lights installed, without success. The school community is asking for the installation of pedestrian-activated pole-mounted lights at the Elizabeth Street–Mcwhae Avenue intersection.

Finally, St Kilda Primary School requests that permanently flashing 40-kilometre-zone electronic signage is placed on the Chapel Street side of St Kilda Primary School so that children are safe to cross the road. This is something that the parent body have taken up. They have also taken it up with the City of Port Phillip, with no success.

This is very important. All of these schools have been advocating for some time. They have been told by the minister and by VicRoads that they are a priority, but they are on the list and there is no funding available. There is one thing that is more important than anything, and that is kids’ safety. I therefore request that the Minister for Roads and Road Safety do something to ensure these kids are safe and to ensure this vital equipment is installed so that the kids can travel to and from school safely, without fear of being hit by cars travelling past these particular intersections.