Members statements: Courage to Care exhibition

Mr SOUTHWICK (Caulfield) (13:30:54) — Bullying, racism, extremism and violence have no place in our society. Today I wear my Courage to Care upstander bracelet supporting the upstanding work of B’nai B’rith in education programs and exhibitions, empowering individuals to stand up against prejudice and discrimination in all forms. Courage to Care have been travelling our state for 17 years and have had bipartisan support from both sides of the house in those years. They have covered over 100 000 students across the state, who have seen the great work that they have done. We have seen many, including the Righteous Among the Nations, individuals who have stood up against the evil Nazi regime. The exhibition portrays that. This week we have the pleasure of hosting the exhibition in Parliament’s Queen’s Hall, and I would encourage MPs to visit and meet with the volunteers, including some of the Holocaust survivors.

I also want to thank Gandel Philanthropy for their support in ensuring that we have a more current multimedia presentation. I also want to recognise Alpha Cheng, who is in the house today. He will be talking on Thursday at lunch. His father, Curtis Cheng, was killed by a teenager radicalised by ISIS ideology. He will speak on community harmony and share his values and his family’s personal story about how they turned this —

The DEPUTY SPEAKER — The member’s time has expired.