Gas prices soar under Daniel Andrews

Victoria has the highest gas prices in Australia and warnings of gas shortages under Daniel Andrews.

The ACCC released its second interim report into the nation’s gas market today, confirming that Victorians are paying the highest price for gas nationally and that there is “likely to be a substantial gas supply shortfall in 2018”.

Daniel Andrews has no plan to deal with the gas shortage and soaring prices in Victoria.

The Liberal Nationals announced our plan to tackle gas prices by allowing exploration of conventional onshore gas while maintaining the ban on fracking.

Daniel Andrews continues to deny we have any issue even when AEMO and the ACCC are telling him he’s wrong. When asked about gas supply in October 2017, Daniel Andrews stated “There is not a problem with supply. There is sufficient supply”.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources David Southwick:

“Daniel Andrews has ensured Victorians face the highest cost of living pressures for energy with the nation’s highest gas prices.

“Victoria has gone from being the energy powerhouse of the nation to the poor cousin that has to rely on states like Queensland to ensure we have enough supply under Daniel Andrews.

“At the next election Victorians have a clear choice between Daniel Andrews who continues to drive up cost of living or a Matthew Guy government who will tackle gas prices with positive policies.”

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