Andrews Government won’t guarantee energy supply

The Andrews Labor Government has refused to guarantee that Victoria will not be subjected to blackouts this summer, or that costs of paying power users to switch off won’t be passed onto all Victorians.

In Parliament this week, it was revealed that in the likely event Victoria is short on power, the cost of bribing people to turn off their power will be passed onto taxpayers.

Since Daniel Andrews forced the closure of Hazelwood and 22% of Victoria’s power supply, energy regulators have had to implement emergency measures including load shedding.

In addition to this the ACCC has confirmed that Victorians are paying more than every other state for power.

Comments attributable to David Southwick MP, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources:

“It’s not enough that the Andrews Government wasted $1.3 billion to not build the East West Link but now he’s making energy users pay for his botched energy policy.

“Daniel Andrews’ Christmas present to Victorians is the highest power prices in Australia and the risk of blackouts.”

Media contact: Atia Sadiqzai | Atia.Sadiqzai@parliament.vic.gov.au | 0424 651 131 | 03 9527 3866

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