Victoria’s first heatwave triggers more emergency measures

Reports today that AEMO will pay large companies to shut down operations during heatwaves as an emergency measure, will see Victorians footing the bill.

The terms of the agreements with companies – including how much it will cost taxpayers – has been kept confidential by Daniel Andrews.

The 105 dirty diesel generators installed as back-up supply in the Latrobe Valley could also be fired up, as Victorians try to make up the energy shortfall that Daniel Andrews created by allowing Hazelwood to shut down.

This comes as a result of the year’s first extreme heatwave hitting Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, and continuous failed energy policy by Daniel Andrews.

Daniel Andrews was warned about the impending dangers of high temperatures over summer, yet he still relies on emergency measures to ensure Victorians can keep the lights – and air conditioners – on.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick:

Paying companies not to work shows a complete policy failure by Daniel Andrews.

Victoria is now managing power supply like a third world country, pulling the plug on businesses and using diesel generators to power our state.

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