Labor Plays Hide and Seek with Our Gas

Labor is happy to pump the ground full of gas but won’t allow use of our onshore gas reserves to ease the cost of living pressures on Victorian families.

Once again at PAEC today, Labor’s onshore gas hypocrisy was exposed when the Government admitted to exploring gas storage options in the Otway Basin which is highly similar to conventional onshore gas extraction.

This is a Government so lost on energy policy that it won’t let gas be taken out of the ground unless it’s pumped in first.

Furthermore, Labor has claimed it would take “7 to 15 years” to bring Victoria’s onshore gas to market, yet industry states it could bring new onshore gas into market in only 18 months and start driving down prices.

Under Labor, Victorians are paying up to $500 more for gas and Daniel Andrews needs to drop his wasted $42.5 million onshore gas report, listen to industry and act now to get energy prices down.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick:

“Someone give Daniel Andrews a dictionary, he doesn’t know the difference between what he’s banning and what he’s allowing.”

“Why is Labor wasting $42.5 million on another study to delay exploration until 2020 when industry is ready to go now and bring more supply into the market?”

“Only a Matthew Guy Government will overturn Labor’s ideological gas ban and ease cost of living pressures for all Victorians.”