Households forking out an extra $3.4 billion for power: AI Group

Today’s report from the AI Group confirms that expensive gas-fired electricity generation has been forced to fill the void in our energy supply since the closure of the Hazelwood power station.

 Due to this growing dependence, the AI Group identified that “energy prices are set to remain well above their historic average, sapping the competitiveness of many industries and putting households under pressure”. 

Further, the report states once recent gas and electricity price rises are considered, “households will pay up to an extra $3.4 billion a year, and business up to $8.4 billion a year”. 

Despite Victorians using more and more gas just to keep the lights on, Daniel Andrews maintains his onshore gas ban, keeping supply out of the market and causing prices to skyrocket. 

Only the Liberal Nationals have a plan to allow onshore gas exploration while maintaining the ban on fracking.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick:

“Under Daniel Andrews’ 40% renewable energy target, the $500 more Victorians are already paying on their gas bills could just be the tip-of-the-iceberg.”

“Only a Guy Government will open up Victoria’s onshore gas supplies, get the balance right in our energy market and ease cost-of-living pressures for all Victorians”


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