Watch your energy bills continue to skyrocket if there’s an Andrews Labor Greens Government

Victorian households and businesses will be dreading the thought of the energy price pain if there’s a future Labor Greens coalition.

Acting Greens Leader Ellen Sandell has stated “we need to be developing and implementing a coal closure plan now” and called for a “transition to 100% renewable energy in the next ten years, including phasing out coal-fired power stations”.

Daniel Andrews’ pursuit of a 40% renewable energy target forced the closure of Hazelwood, causing energy bills to jump by $300 and left Victoria reliant on power from other states just to meet our own needs.

This election is one of two choices, a stable Liberal Nationals coalition that will get the ideology out of energy or a Labor Greens coalition that won’t stop until every Victorian coal power station is shutdown.

One thing is now clear, under a coalition of chaos from Andrews Labor and the Greens it will be lights out for Victoria.


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