Daniel Andrews is NEGative on more affordable energy

As the days tick down to the COAG Energy Council’s August 10 meeting, Daniel Andrews is putting politics ahead of the environment and affordable power by scuttling a national approach to the energy market.

Despite over 20 of Australia’s largest industry groups, including the Clean Energy Council, Energy Users Association of Australia, Ai Group, Australian Energy Council and the National Farmers’ Federation calling on Victoria to get behind the NEG, Daniel Andrews has demanded last minute amendments as a way to scuttle the NEG and continues to back his piecemeal renewable energy target over a common sense approach to emissions reductions.

Labor’s botched energy policies, including forcing the closure of Hazelwood and blocking onshore gas from the market, have left Victorian’s paying $300 more for electricity and up to $500 more for gas with no end to the price pain in sight.

It’s time to take the politics out of power and Daniel Andrews needs to stop playing games, sign-up to the NEG and deliver lower emissions and cheaper power prices for all Victorians.


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