Daniel Andrews and Lily D’Ambrosio are wreckers not backers

Today at COAG, Daniel Andrews and Lily D’Ambrosio showed when it comes to working constructively with other governments for cheaper energy costs, they are wreckers not backers.

Yet again Daniel Andrews is hedging his bets for a Labor Greens Government after the election.

If Victorians think James Merlino is a shocking Deputy Premier, just wait until they meet Deputy Premier Samantha Ratnam.

This was an opportunity for Daniel Andrews to put political game playing aside and put Victorians first with easing cost of living pressures.

Instead Daniel Andrews and Labor took the low road.

Cost of living pressures, especially energy costs, are really hurting Victorian household budgets and businesses. It means people have much less money in their pocket each month and it’s putting pressure on businesses to remain viable and keep Victorians employed.

Some estimates show that under a national strategy, households will benefit with power bills predicted to fall by $550 a year.  For Victorian families currently struggling with cost of living pressures, $550 a year makes a real difference.

But instead of trying to cooperate with other governments and find a sensible national approach to actually help people, Daniel Andrews has played politics yet again.


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