Hypocrisy, thy name is Labor

Daniel Andrews and Labor now appear to want to nationalise the same electricity market they started to privatise.

As Premier, Joan Kirner started the privatisation of the electricity market by selling Loy Yang B in 1992 to Mission Energy.

Now, Daniel Andrews is criticising the very process that his Labor predecessor started.

For a guy who privatised the sale of the Port of Melbourne to fund the level crossing removal project that the Liberal Nationals started, Daniel Andrews has had an amazing conversion.

Daniel Andrews told Victorians energy prices would rise by only about 4 per cent due to Hazelwood’s closure, yet now the Premier claims prices are up by 20 per cent and continues to blame everyone but himself for runaway energy costs.

Due to Labor’s botched energy policies, Victorians are now paying $300 more for electricity, up to $500 more for gas with our State now dependent on energy imports from NSW, Queensland and Tasmania just to keep the lights on.

As Daniel Andrews continues his lurch to the left in order to shore-up support for Labor from the Greens – ordinary Victorians are being left behind by Labor’s skyrocketing cost of living pressures.


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