Perception of safety deteriorates under Daniel Andrews and Labor

A report released today by the Community Council of Australia highlights the continued decline in perceptions of safety in Victoria.

The report found that 27.7% of Victorian women did not walk alone at night because they felt unsafe – a rate almost 20% higher than New South Wales and well above the national average.

Victoria is the only jurisdiction where feelings of safety have worsened over the reporting period.

This report follows on from the 2019 Productivity Commission Report on GovernmentServices, which found Victorians’ perception of safety on public transport, in theirneighbourhood and in their own homes at night were well behind national averages.

Poor perceptions of safety under Daniel Andrews are no mystery. The last three months of 2018 represented the worst quarter for crimes committed against the person since the Crime Statistics Agency began reporting quarterly statistics. Additionally, crimes against the person since the 2014 election of the Andrews Labor Government is up 18.4%.

Under Daniel Andrews and Labor, many Victorians are living in a state of fear.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Community Safety, David Southwick:

“While perceptions of safety are improving in every other state and territory in the nation,Victoria continues to go backwards.

Victorians deserve to feel safe and secure when going about their daily lives and more of the same will not cut it from Daniel Andrews and Labor.”