Home invasion victim left fending for herself

Reports today that the victim of an Apollo Bay home invasion called the police but officersweren’t able to attend the scene is yet another example of the Andrews Labor Government’slack of support for police.

Despite Victoria’s population growing by around half a million people in the last five years,frontline police numbers are down over the same period according to The Police Association.

According to The Police Association there were 190 fewer frontline police in the four year period between 2014 and 2018.

In other words, our state’s population is growing but frontline police numbers are shrinking.

The Andrews Labor Government is not providing Victoria Police with the resources they need to keep Victorian safe.

That puts the safety and lives of Victorians at risk.

The Andrews Labor Government is always making excuses for Victoria’s violent crime wave when the fact is they must ensure police have adequate resources and processes to respond to serious incidents such as these.